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Dog hit by car-needs surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 24, 2008

beautiful dog Blondie was hit by a car on 7/16/07. She was hit very
hard and drug under the car. I’m surprised she is alive. She has broken
her pelvis in many places and needs surgery to walk again. I cannot
afford this surgery. She is a young girl who needs to run and play but
won’t be able to do that anymore without this operation. I don’t want
my dog to be crippled and confined because of my inability to pay for
this. PLEASE make a donation. Any amount will help! Thank you. Update:
Apparently you must make a donation of at least $10.00. I tried to
lower this but it won’t let me. But please find it in your hearts to
donate. Maybe you won’t be able to buy the expensive 6 pack this week
or that box of hair color but you will be helping a sweet girl! Note: I
lowered the amount that I need because if I don’t reach my goal I get
nothing. But you can still contribute after the goal has been met. My
goal is 4,000. If the total at the end of the fund raiser doesn’t reach
my goal, you pay NOTHING! And please don’t be afraid of signing up for
Paypal. I have been a member since 2000 and have never had any
problems. Plus it’s free!

If you can help please visit


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