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Vet Bill for Trixie’s leg surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 17, 2008

little dog, Trixie, got out of the back yard last Monday night June 30,
because when Mary left, her arms were loaded with laundry and she could
not close the gate securely fast enough. Not unusual, but Trixie
usually returns very quickly, after making a quick tour of the
neighborhood. She did not return as usual, so I searched, and found she
had been struck by a car in front of my next door neighbor’s house. We
are a family of four, my daughter Mary and her two children and I.
After months of unemployment, Mary, had found work about a month ago,
and we were recovering from serious financial depletion. I am a retired
teacher, living on very limited income. So when our little friend was
hurt, it was a serious blow to all of us, emotionally, and financially.

Trixie is about 3 or 4 years old, was a throw-away puppy, that we
took in. She is an excellent “mouser’ and watch dog. She is rather
small, but very energetic, and well-behaved. We never spent much time
training her, as she just seemed to sense what we want her to do. The
oly “bad” behavior she indulges in is swiping some of the dry cat food
from the cat feeding dish if we aren’t looking. She never chewed up
shoes, or went to the bathroom inside the house, unless there was no
one here to open the door for her. She surely did not deserve to be
injured by one of the young pick-up truck drivers who use out street on
week-ends and during summer vacation for a race-way. We have asked for
better police patrol, but our force is perpetually understaffed. So,
even since the high price of gasoline has somewhat slowed the local
teen traffic, we know that there is still one driver who is not
deterred from driving too fast in a residential area by injuring a
beloved pet.

Our little dog had a pelvic bone that is fractured in three places.
The vet says these breaks will heal themselves, but the leg is knocked
out it its socket, and just below the ball joint there is a break that
needs surgical repair. Our budget is so tight, but we will postpone
many needs and even paying some bills, in order to save our pet from
pain and perhaps euthanasia. I would rather have her put down that see
her suffer. However, we love her very much, and we are all
broken-hearted at the prospect of having to end her life to preserve
her from a painful existence.

She is very determined to return to normal! Even when under the
influence of pain medication, she tries to stand on all four of her
legs. I have her confined to a bed on a foam cushion between my own bed
and the wall, and surrounded by barriers to prevent too much movement.
However, she one night this week seemed to be trying to climb into my
bed! She is in good health except for the injuries in this :accident.”
She has a good appetite, and we have kept her hydrated with a dropper
when she could not lap water on her own.

Trixie has had one litter of puppies, three very lively, smart
little ones who were adopted quickly. We planned to have her spayed
soon, but now any funds for that are going to this surgery. We have
applied for aid from United Animal Nation, however, and the perhaps the
spaying can be done at the same time as the leg surgery if that
application is approved.

We need some help here to save this good little pet friend. I have
a car that I can sell, and a small rent house that is up for sale, but
income from those assets is not yet available. My credit is stretched
to the limit from supporting the family during Mary’s unemployment
period. The little dog is in pain and great distress now, and she is
definitely worth the sacrifice. Please help us with whatever is


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