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Please help Rama have surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 17, 2008


Rama has a tarsometatarsal luxation of the left hind leg, the bones beneath his hock have seperated and the tendons are

torn. This kind of injury requires the bones to be fused together
to save the leg from amputation. The surgery will be performed
through a rescue org., and to bring him home, I have to pay off the surgery bill before an application is received for him.

Thank you, Karen

For your kind donation, here is Rama’s story. – RAMA the Rescue Dog –

“I can’t believe this is happening. Where’s my mom, my brother?
What kind of place is this? I’m scared and just want to go home,” Rama
thought. “My leg hurts so bad and I don’t know any of these
two-leggeds. Where are my people,” he kept asking, but nobody could
understand him. “What happened to the girl who helped me off the gate,
Thalia she was called,” he thought. Later that day Thalia did come
back, after finding out the owner she returned him to had taken him to
the pound insted of the vet. You see, when Rama had jumped the gate,
his foot became wedged between the verticle bars of the 4ft gate, and
the rectangular steel fencing attached to it. Thalia, a neighbor, had
to lift him up to get his foot unstuck as the rest of Rama’s body hung
over the gate off the ground. “Oh boy, oh joy,” thought Rama when he
saw Thalia coming to get him and hopefully take the pain away. ” Why
does my foot hurt so much?”, he asked her. Not understanding dog talk,
she just told him everything would get better soon.
At the vets, Thalia found out Rama had a tarsometatarasal
luxation requiring the bones to be fused in that area. She sent out a
call for help and I answered and brought Rama home. Now he and I need
your help as the surgery will cost at least $2,000 and is a sum I can’t
afford alone. The pain is gone, but the bones need fusing. “I’m a good
boy, right mom” Rama thought. Yes Rama you are the best!!


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