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Dela’s Luxating Patella Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 17, 2008

understand that this surgery is MANDATORY for her to live a normal
life. Both back knees are so bad that she has been on an
anti-inflammatory since she was a year old and without the surgery she
will be totally unable to get up and down in another year. She is a
super sweet gal and would make a wonderful pet for a family but no one
will adopt her with her needing this surgery. It is not just your
typical small dog luxating patella but it is to the extent that
arthritis at 3 years old is already setting in and the longer we have
to wait the worse it gets. Our rescue group has been hit hard with many
unexpected expenses in the last few weeks – 6 heartworm positives, a
puppy with a broken jaw, a Jack who had been used as a “bait dog” who
came in with bites all over his legs – he also was heartworm positive
and unfortunately before he could be treated, he had a blood clot break
loose and died. We have a huge bill on Fraser as well. It seems that
poor Dela gets pushed back when all of these emergencies come up but it
has reached point where SHE is our emergency but due to decreased
adoptions, there is no money for this without help. PLEASE open your
hearts for her and the other dogs – every little bit is appreciated and
will go to helping these shelter dogs looking for their chance to lead
a wonderful life for the remainder of their lives. Thanks from the
bottom of all our hearts (two legged and four legged).


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