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Junior’s Cancer Fund

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 12, 2008

Please Help

The tumor in his mouth is growing at a alarming rate.

Thanks to the kind people who help those in need here at Fundable,I was able to get Junior in to see a Vet.

I thank you people from the bottom of my heart. All of you are angels.

The Bad News……Junior has TWO cancerous tumors. One in his mouth and one on his anus

The vet is most concerned with the one on his anus,she fears it may
grow and cut off his anal passage,making it difficult if not impossible
for him to deaficate.
She would like to remove that one,problem is she thinks that if
going to put him under for operation then both tumors should be
removed.The tumor in his mouth is growing larger seems almost daily.

At his age the anathesia has to be VERY carefully administerd and that is what drives the cost up.

The operation will cost app. $1000.00 or so. I can handle some of the cost but to get this done soon I need some help.

I am hoping that once again some angels will help Junior. I am asking for $700.00 once I get that then I can schedule with

the vet a operation for him. If all goes well he could live a few more years as he deserves all and more.

other items the vet found …he has body warts that are normal for a dog his age. no treatment needed.

She did discover he has a bad ear infection and that is being treated.

Also, he got a haircut to remove about 2 pounds of hair and now he looks half his size but is Soooo much more

comfortable in this Texas heat.

I am trying to find more work so I can help more with his expenses but times are very tight and not having much luck.

Thanks to any that help,you are all God’s Angels for what you do


If you can help please visit:


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