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I WISH Financial Assistance to Help With Vet Bills For My Sick Kitty

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 12, 2008

I WISH Financial Assistance to Help With Vet Bills For My Sick Kitty

I am a disabled individual on SSI, who has been struggling monthly with
what the system provides. I have a wonderful 12 year old companion
kitty, Bandit, who has been diabetic for the last 2 and 1/2 years. He
has been up-chucking his food every now and again recently, and needs
to be checked out by a Vet. [He’s previous one is no longer with us].

very much need your kind financial assistance in being able to get
Bandit a thorough Glucose panel [involves all day testing], complete
blood panel and tox screen, with liver enzymes, UA testing, possible
fecal testing; and whatever else a new Veterinarian would require, plus

Bandit means the world to me, and is more than just
a pet. . .he’s therapeutic value is invaluable, and truly is beyond

Bandit is my Baby; and because of huge Emergency
Vet Hospital Bill [over %3,500], I often due without basic necessities,
to make sure he is taken care of, and the huge monthly payment is made.
It is hard, what with two mortgage payments, Prop. Taxes, Prop Ins.,
Car Ins., meds that are not covered…and the list goes on.

line is to get my Baby seen and evaluated; re-adjust his insulin if
necessary, a ‘good’ special diet that agrees with his tummy, and all
the other things he needs to manage his diabetes, so there will be more
happy, healthy, mischievous years left in my BBB![Big Beautiful Boy]

Thank you for reading. And, I want you to know I most greatly support any help you can offer!

If you can help please visit:


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