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Special Needs Kittens in New Jersey need Loving Home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on May 26, 2008

Toby and Lucy are approximately 8 weeks old. They were both born
missing a portion of one of their hind legs. They get around well by
hopping. Toby is missing only his toes, but it seems to be painful
for him to put any weight on the rest of his limb. He may require
another amputation in the future. For the meantime, he just hops
around like Lucy. Lucy is missing her leg right below the knee. She
is slower to get around than Toby, but gets along just fine.

Toby is the adventurous brother. He is very curious and was always
the first kitten to figure things out. He learned how to eat dry
food when he was 3 weeks old! He also loves attention and has a
mighty purr!! He is also extremely patient and has a wonderful

Lucy is the cuddler. She developed a tad slower than her siblings
because of her more significant disability. Because of this, she was
always sitting in my lap. Whenever I walk into their room, she looks
up at me with the cutest face that is begging me to sit down so she
can crawl into my lap. She is the sweetest girl with a calm and
loving personality.

Toby and Lucy need a family who will love them for who they are.
They need someone to constantly inspect their limbs to make sure they
don’t develop sores that could lead to an additional amputation.
They also need a family that is financial able and willing to pay for
any additional surgeries if it becomes necessary. These two kittens
are precious and full of energy. They will make a wonderful addition
to any family!

Please email me if you are interested in meeting these sweet babies.



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