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Donations needed for MRI and possible surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on May 26, 2008

Misti Colon submitted the following Information:
Email mistinedgar630@aol.com
Location Long Branch NJ

Dear People who we don’t know but implore for help:

We are the Colon family in Long Branch NJ. Our beloved PitBull
love machine, Boo Boo, who loves bunnies and birds and kitties and us
(and goodies) somehow hurt her cervical disc(s) in her spine, thus pinching
a vital nerve of her left leg. We aren’t 100% sure because she suddenly
appeared injured and $1000.00 we didn’t have but have spent later, we’re told
she needs an MRI and possibly surgery. It has been weeks and we have tried
medicines and crate rest but her left leg goes limp. at times, she
can “semi walk” but walks on the knuckle/joint above her paw. Her
paw and or toes get curled in and sometimes, she falls!

We have to carry her outside to pee and poo and she’s not allowed
to walk on her own. She’s 50ish pounds and I anm 5 feet tall but I struggle
and carry her because I love her like a child. My husband has a bad knee
and a hernia (we have no health insurance) and he carries her, too!
That’s how much we love her! We have cried and cried and neeeeed
your help!

My husband had surgery in Feb and just went back to work in
March. He works at the Olive garden (for 15 years) and only makes
$14.90/hr. and never gets 40 hours but rather 35-36, somewhere in there.

I just started to work for a new job in Jan. 2008 and was let go
on April 20 because the company I worked for lost the contract with
the hospital I was employed by. I have no job but have been online
day and night. I have an Associates Degree as a Human Service Professional
and in NJ without your Bachelors or Masters, you cannot get licensed
in socialwork, hence; most hobs only want to pay me $12/13/hr.
With $1300 rent, $125 budget electric, $110 gas budget, $311 car
insurance, $10 AOL, $200 cell phones a month (have adhd teen)
and an old, 8 cylinder car, we really struggle and juggle.

We keep a very simple eye, don’t have cable, never go out and have
a teenager and a menagerie of pets who we care for. We are not
eccentric collectors and out of responsibility in our natures as well as
finances, we don’t and won’t have anymore pets. (2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 birds
a rabbit and a guinea pig) (Boo Boo is one of our 2 dogs.)

We have never asked for your help but we’re beside ourselves.

We found Boo Boo our beloved babydog (She’s 7 in July.)
when we lost our baby daughter (I was 5.5 months pregnant.)
and we cannot even imagine her having to be euthanized.


In God’s love and through prayer we
sincerely ask,

Misti & Ed Colon
(732) 804-1748
49 Atlantic Avenue Apt. #3
Long Branch NJ 07740

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