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Marietta, GA Abused dog with no ears needs a home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 26, 2008

Gender: Female

Size: Large

Full-Grown: Yes

Primary Breed: Shepherd

Secondary Breed: –Select–

Rescued From: Douglas County

Rescued How: Stray

Good with other dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Unknown

Good with children: Yes

House Trained: Yes

The intake team at OPP monitors the county shelters and
euthanasia lists with the goal of rescuing animals before their
“death date”. Intake team member, Sandy Adcock visits and
monitors Douglas County. This is where she met “Emmitt” who
had been caught in a trap and turned in as a stray. Sandy was concerned
about Emmitt surviving another week in the county shelter because he
was starting to sniffle. If the county believes a dog to be sick, they
are more likely to euthanize. Sandy kept that from happening! Upon
Emmitt arriving to OPP and receiving a bully rub from one of our
awesome volunteers, we discovered that “Emmitt” is actually
an “Emmie”! This girl just wants to please! Even though
some cruel person totally cut off her ears and half her tail, she is
sweet and loving to every human friend she meets!

If interested, please complete an

Questions? Please
send an e-mail to


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