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Dad Caring For Deployed Son’s 2 Pets Has Too Many Dogs

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 22, 2008

This is not a request for help…it’s a request for awareness. These limits on how many animals you can have is yet another reason so many animals are sitting on death row, scared and lonely in shelters instead of their own homes. When you own or rent and have the permission of the landlord you should have the right to have as many animals as you can properly care for. There are no restrictions on how many children you can have…why are furry members of a family limited?

This man took in his son’s dogs while is son went overseas on deployment and now he risks losing those dogs to the shelter because of these limits.

County: Dad Caring For Deployed Son’s 2 Pets Has Too Many Dogs
Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008 – 07:15 PM Updated: 10:55 PM
By Steve Sbraccia
General Assignment Reporter

STORY UPDATE: 4/17/08 County Officials Delay Action In Dog Dispute

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Henry Carroll got into trouble with the county when he agreed to look after his son’s two dogs.

And it’s turning into a dog war.

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Carroll got into trouble with the county when he agreed to look after
his son Adam’s two dogs. Carroll’s son is overseas fighting in Iraq.

The soldier is scheduled to return home in December, and his father
says he is determined to make sure that when his son returns from his
tour of duty, the dogs are waiting for him.

Carroll already had three dogs of his own. With five dogs, the county said he had two dogs too many.

“If my son’s in Iraq, I can’t watch his dogs according to the county,” Carroll said.

The county says with five dogs Henry’s running a kennel, which he is
not licensed to do. When he asked the county to clarify the definition
of a kennel, he says he got several different answers.

“I said, ‘I want to see the law I’m breaking; show it to me.’”

He said a county official gave him an ordinance, which defines a kennel
as any place with eight or more where dogs or cats are fed, sheltered
and watered.”

But he says another county document sent to him defines a kennel as
any premises where four or more dogs are kept commercially or as pets.

Carroll got the Army to write a letter saying two of the dogs belonged to his son, but county officials didn’t buy it.

They said, “Since Adam didn’t sign it, it really might not be valid because it was signed by his platoon leader.”

Carroll now takes his fight to keep all five dogs to the Cumberland County Board of Adjustment. They meet Thursday night.

Meanwhile, he said if he’s forced to give up any dogs it will be
two of his animals. He said he’s rather do that than break a promise to
his son.

County Officials Delay Action In Dog Dispute
Thursday, Apr 17, 2008 – 10:57 PM Updated: 06:33 AM
By Steve Sbraccia
General Assignment Reporter

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.— A Fayetteville man who wanted his day
in court so that he could keep five dogs in his house, including two
that belong to his son who is fighting in Iraq, didn’t get a chance to
plead his case. But he didn’t lose his dogs either.
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Previous story: County: Dad Caring For Deployed Son’s 2 Pets Has Too Many Dogs (4/15/08)
Henry Carroll went face-to-face with Cumberland County and the county blinked.
Before he ever got a chance to utter a word at a public hearing
Thursday night, county officials said they’d need more time to research
the situation.
As a result, the county said no dogs will be removed from his premises for the time being.
County officials decided to defer action after the county attorney
said he’d need more time to clarify issues between several county
“I didn’t expect that,” said a stunned Carroll.
The ordinance limiting dog ownership to three animals has been on
Cumberland County’s books since 1972, but a shelter operator who was
one of a number of people who came to support Carroll said that law’s
no good.
“It’s a badly written law and similar laws have been held
unconstitutional in many other states,” said Linden Spear, director of
“The Haven” animal shelter. “We hope the county realizes it’s a badly
written nuisance law and repeals it immediately.”
The controversy started when Carroll’s son, Adam asked his dad to
watch his two dogs while he was deployed overseas in Iraq with the 101st Airborne. Henry Carroll’s landlord said that he had no problem with that.
“He asked me if he could do it when he found out his son was going
overseas,” said Mike Urian. “At the time I didn’t see any violation. I
didn’t think the county ordinance would count possession as a
violation. I thought ownership would be a violation.”
So for now, Carroll goes about caring for the dogs and waits for his next public hearing.
“I’m relieved.,’’ he admitted. “The burden ain’t lifted yet, but I got more time to prepare for it now.”


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