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Newnan, GA Tripod, FIV + Kitty Needs Forever Home or Rescue ASAP

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 21, 2008

Cross posting….Please contact Larisa Banta at: rhrescue@yahoo.com

Thank you!

C-21blkretake5186.JPG C-21 (URGENT NO MORE!
I Am in a temporary fosterhome,but I REALLY need a rescue, or forever home!!!)
3 Legged FIV Kitty Is EXTRA,EXTRA Loving;PLZ.Can’ t Someone HURRY+Adopt Him ALREADY?!!!

  • Breed: DSH Black
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Small
  • ID: 005186 Coweta AC

“Larisa Banta” rhrescue@yahoo.com wrote:

Hey, Everyone!
I named the 3 Legged Kitty Gunther. He is such a little love. He likes
stuffed mice he can play with and sometimes takes an interest in a ball
that goes around a circle with holes in it- one of those brainteasers.
I woke up this morning and he was on top of one of my beds. Bless his
heart, he was able to jump up on the bed. His first night he slept on a
fluffy blanket I folded for him by my beds. He follows me around my
bedroom and wants any attention he can get. He got my attention last
night by pulling my warm blanket off me with his claws and meowed for
attention. He loves to rub. He’ll give head rubs on your forehead,
face, jaw, and your hand- Anywhere you’d let him! He is so sweet! He
must be lonely right now as I’m flying and out of town. (I’m a flight
attendant.)He hangs out in my bedroom and my other 2 are in the rest of
my apartment. But Gunther has a huge window to look out of and some
toys. He wants to intereact and play with anyone! I appreciate the
crossposting going on. A good home who’d be willing to have an FIV+ cat
would be a dream come true. I’ll keep you posted on his progress.

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