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Portsmouth, OH. – Spaniel mix female Hit By Car! – Has a possible broken leg

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 20, 2008

Size: Medium
Age: Young
Sex: Female

Notes: this is a female possible terrier mix, black with brown coloring, this little girl is probably under a year old and appears to have been Hit by a Car, she has a possible broken back leg or other injuries, this little girl is so sweet and we hope we can find someone to help her out Our adoption fee is $63.00 and includes the spay or neuter and Dog License. Dogs at the pound are strays and surrenders and are not health or temperament checked. Any dog from any pound can be infected with parvo or other contagious diseases and should be isolated from your pets at home until examined or tested by a vet. All puppies receive a shot and are wormed upon adoption. If you adopt a puppy who has been vaccinated it should not be given another parvo vaccination for at least two weeks. For information on parvo, please consult a veterinarian. The breeds listed are only our best guess. We make no claims as to the temperament, breed, age or sex of any dog listed. Please be respectful to the Shelter Staff. Adoptions and rescues are first come, first served. The pound is not able to comply with requests to hold dogs. Thank you. Spaying and neutering offers your pet many health and behavior benefits and lessens the over population of homeless animals who must be euthanized at shelters!

Scioto County Dog Pound



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