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Our dog has Lymphoma and needs Chemo

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 20, 2008

PLEASE HELP! Our dog Hank was diagnosed with Lymphoma today, which is a common type of cancer in dogs. He needs a 6-month chemotherapy treatment to survive. Our poor boy has been through so much in his short 5 years of life, and he’s still happy as ever. To tell you a little about him: my husband and I are his 4th owner, and we are happy to say that he will never see a 5th. He has found a home and a family with us, and we couldnt imagine life without him.

Aside from being passed from household to household all his life, he was also bit by a cottonmouth snake (very poisoness) when he was a year old. His previous owners took him to the vet and saved his life. On top of that, just last year, a steer got into our yard and hit him head on and it caused him to develop wobblers syndrome. Wobbler’s Syndrome causes psychological problems and also prevents a dog from being able to use their back legs. We took him in to have back surgery, and after being in the hospital for a month and a half, he got to come home. We spent weeks walking him around in a sling until he could walk on his own again.

Just as he finally started to fully recover, we found out about this cancer. Since we are still paying the loan off for his surgery he had a year ago, we cannot afford his chemo. He is still such a happy and loving dog, and we cant imagine having to put him down. I know if it were him taking care of us, he would do anything he could to save us. We do not have any children so we consider our pets to be our kids.
Lymphoma is a very treatable cancer and we caught it very early. Now we just need your help! His chemo will actually be very close to $7,000, but if we dont meet our posted goal, then we dont get anything, so we are posting low but hoping high. Every little bit helps.

Thank you all so much and God Bless!
Hank, Holly, and Cade

As of April 19 Hank has received $1030 in donations our of a need of $2675

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