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Murphy, NC: 10 yr old, one eyed, blind dog, abandoned by roadside!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on April 15, 2008
blind, 10 yrs. old, found wandering in darkness & really needs a
chance at being loved. he’s a beautiful boy that needs a chance.
there somebody who can help this sweet soul with the best personality,
gets along with other dogs. Been thru so much, needs loving home!
Dies Tuesday
From: Tiffany Jourdain Leovrhs@gmail.com
To: *Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 10:29 AM
Subject: 10 yr old, one eyed, blind dog, abandoned.

The number of people who have turned their back on this dog is unreal. He was found on the side of the road, with no idea where he was, where to find food, or who to trust.

When the Animal Control office picked him up, his pads were worn & raw, he was dehydrated, skinny, and too exhausted to struggle anymore.
Crying or Very sad

named him Danny boy! He spent about 2 weeks recovering and gaining
weight. The his personalty really came out! He has the best personality
a dog could have! He is so smart & loyal! He LOVES attention.

Because the shelter is so full, we had to place him in a short term foster home! But this is only a very short time. We must find a place by NEXT tuesday, 4/15! He is so urgent.

Danny Boy is housebroken, Crate trained, and gets along great with other dogs! He is
in the foster home with someone who is legally blind! He is very gentle, and sweet!

boy is a 10 yr old, Australian Cattle Dog. He is neutered and has all
shots. He is missing one eye, and his other eye is totally blind. The foster mom said he “smells” his way around the house.

IF you can save him! PLEASE E-mail Tiffany

Valley River Humane Society,
Murphy, NC


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