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Rescued Dog Casey needs a surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 18, 2008

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Hi all, I am 16 years old and fell in love my newly adopted dog who was negletted by her former owner. She is a AKC Collie and only weighs 37 pounds. I took her to the vets and was just praying she had worms or something. But the vet found a tumor on her belly and her breathe smells horrible and they say she may have something else. But for now she needs blood work & a surgry to remove the tumor.I had no idea she was so sick and now it is breaking my heart to see her this way. She is only 1 years old. My parents can’t afford the vet bills and told me i need to raise the money. SO here i am and i go out and play my flute on the street (my dad goes with me)to get the money. I am desperate for any help!!! She doesn’t have much life left in her, she is a GREAT dog! I sit on the floor and she will walk over and sit in my lap and let me hold her like a baby. It tears me up to see her just lay the looking at me like to say thank you for loving me for one more day:( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help her!


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