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Murphy NC: Shelter mascot (CAT) for10 yrs, Rocky now faces death from diabetes

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 18, 2008

Please e-mail me, leovrhs@gmail.com at gmail.com ASAP
The below plea is from a 17 year old who volunteers at HS. Tiffany does all the posting for the shelter and will graduate this year….she is sooo caring of all the animals. The below plea is written from the bottom of her heart. I know of no cat rescues! Could you please post this special plea out to all your contacts or if YOU have any ideas, could you please help?

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

This is probably going to be the saddest story I have ever written. Because I have known this awesome cat for 6 years, ever since I started Volunteering at the Valley River Humane Society. He has made the new shelter cats feel welcome, loved & safe. He has broken apart fights from bully cats, He has watched over a mom & her newborn babies when we didn’t know she was pregnant and had them on one of the catwalks up top, he protected them from the other cats. He taught the new cats the ropes & where the food was,
when the food came, where the litterbox was…and how to get out to the outside kitty room. Rocky is an amazing cat, and has been there for the VRHS & all the kitty residents, now when rocky needs our help, he has been failed.

When I first Met Rocky, he was a 15 pound, buff, handsome, smart amazing looking cat~ He has a personality all of his own! Loves people, and just an awesome boy! The perfect mascot~! Rocky stays in a cat room with 15 other cats. There he has stayed for the past 10+ years. Watching thousands of cats come & go. He seemed happy, loved all the attention & just really represented the VRHS.
Rocky somehow managed to always avoid sickness. He hardly EVER got upper respiratory, etc.

Then back in January Rocky started to loose weight, his beautiful coat because thin
& weak, His eyes sunk in, and he had a hard time walking. After awhile the shelter determined he has diabetes.

The other day i found out just how bad rocky is~ He has shriveled down to 6 pounds, bones, and a sad sight. He has NOT been treated for diabetes. The shelter has told me its too expensvie. I have conflicting opinions & emotions on this, but being angry will not save sweet Rockys life. He needs a URGENT RESCUE!~~ 3 mths ago~ IF he does not get a place soon~~~ He will die~ Or will have to be euthanized. The shelter has no other options.

Please~~~ ROCKY needs our help~ He is at the Valley River Humane Society in Murphy, NC~ I wish i had a picture of him before he was so sick…because he is a beautiful cat~
HE has served his shelter, and cared for thousands of homeless, terrified cats… please…its our turn to take care of

Please e-mail me,
leovrhs@gmail.com at gmail.com ASAP


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