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I WISH financial assistance for vet bills for my dog, Jack

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 17, 2008

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I am the “mom” to a 7 year old White Shepherd named Jack. Jack has always been considered and treated as my furry son. In the past 7 months, we have spent well over $4000 on his medical care. He has been diagnosed with Perianal fistulas which is a nasty disease that is life long and very painful (when flared-up) It is caused by problems with his anal sacs. The only real “solution” at this point is to remove his anal sacs- which are agin having issues. A Surgeon has told us that it would be about $3,000. We just cannot afford this on top of all of his past medical bills as well as the ongoing meds that run about $450/month. Jack is in a lot of pain right now and the meds just aren’t enough- the sacs need to come out! Insurance will not cover the surgery because it is considered “elective” although in his case it is “life saving”- even if they don’t see it that way. We also have 4 children- two boys of our own- ages 5 and 8 and 2 foster children- ages 5 and 11. The 5 year old has Autism and has really developed a great bond with Jack. All of our children will be devastated if we lost Jack- as would I, but at this point, if he does not have the surgery, we will have to put him down…I just can’t stand by and watch him suffer any more.


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