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Peggy Sue the Bulldog only has 3 legs and needs a special cart

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 11, 2008

CLICK HERE to donate towards Peggy’s cart

Sue was returned to Lone Star Bulldog Rescue because her family just
could not give enough time to her. She only has 3 legs, but that
doesn’t stop her from trying to keep up with her bully foster family.
She tries to hop and play in the yard, but since she has to put all of
her weight on her only good shoulder, it is at risk of going out under
her weight. She is such a sweet girl and very loving that we would hate
to have to put her down sometime in the future, just because we could
not afford to buy her a cart.We have found a cart that we can strap her
in so she can have some relief from the constant pressure of trying to
get around. With the constant influx of rescue dogs we are not even
able to keep our heads above water with all of our vet bills so this is
not even feasible right now. Please help Peggy Sue, she deserves to run
and play!!

As always, we are a non profit organization 501c and all donations are tax deductable.


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