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newborn pup with Cleft pallate and lip!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 11, 2008

Click here to help these little ones

dog Ariat had some puppies with my dog Rascal (whom is now fixed) Some
of the babies are in dire need of surgery to correct their problems,
one will require major surgery. Little Miss Zoey is the worst. I was
medicine dropper feeding her and she still wants gaining as much weight
as I would or the vet would like. So now I am tube feeding her. Which
means I am running a tube from her mouth directly into her belly! So
she is in need of constant care. She also has a brother whom just has
minor cleft pallete and a cleft lip. I never knew this happened with
dogs, but now I know better. After my female recoups and is able she
will be fixed as well, just as we already did the daddy! But in order
for Zoey and her brother to live a normal life they will need
corrective surgery. They will begin the procedure at about 8 weeks. so
we have alittle time to collect. I am doign everything in my power to
make sure they have a normal life, so I am starting the raising of the
money. The lip is minor stitches but the palette is major surgery. My
vets name is Dr Hammond or Dr Wilbur at the Forney animal clinic in
Forney Texas 972-564-1015, You can paypal the donation or you can Mail
it to the vet office. Please help these 2 little ones. The pallette
surgery will be real detailed so it is expensive. Thank you so much
what ever you can do will be greatly appreciated..


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