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Lexie has a shattered hip and needs your help

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on March 1, 2008
Shannon Sweeney submitted the following Information:
Email scottshannon@centurytel.net
Location Austin, Arkansas

Hello to all my family and friends. I am sending you this email in hopes of tugging at your heart little bit.

This is Lexie, she is a border collie, pit mix. She is in need of your help. I guess I should say WE are in need of your help. Financially.

I was driving to my mom and dad's over a month ago and there is a slew about halfway there. When I noticed this black dog would run to the road everytime I would go by.(Probably looking for her owners that dumped her). It broke my heart but I drove past her several times for about 2 weeks. One day, it was freezing out, I had Scott with me and I had asked him to stop because she was so pitiful by the road. Well, of course he said "No... we have our own zoo at home." So I shut-up. So on the way home from my mom and dad's we noticed her again and she had popped out of an old broken washing machine thrown out in this slew of a field. I didn't say anything but that night Scott went back there and stopped to see if she was ok. Well she was the sweetest thing and her teeth were knocked out and she was limping on her back leg. He brought her home. FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT KNOW MY HUSBAND...HE NEVER DOES THIS!!!
She was so skinny and pitiful but so happy and nice. She is far sweeter than my own dogs. So what do you do....... Yes.... I am a bleeding heart for animals. Come to my house if you don't believe me!
After tugging back in forth between, putting her down with a shot, or putting her down with a bullet, she grew on us. You guys have no idea how loving this dog is. So here is my dilemma.
Here is what the Vet Said:
She is about a year old. She has a shattered hip! (Could be from a car or maybe from a cow that kicked her in the field she was living in )The ball and socket that is at the hip, the socket part is broken and because it was trying to heal on it's own it is causing "spurs" to form which are jagged and causing her lots of pain (she moans all the time). She is in heat, oh yea we are having fun at my house, and she is heartworm positive. She needs her shots and spaying. He has been great in helping me care for her.
I have contacted via internet many organizations for homeless animals and I have had luck in getting assistance. The PBRC is going to donate $75 towards the spaying. FRIENDS OF HOMELESS ANIMALS is paying for her heartworm treatment and helping with the hip surgery. I have agreed to pay for the shots and the remainder of her spaying, and pain meds that she needs for a month before surgery. I have started the Heartworm treatment today and have to take her back tomorrow for her second shot. I have to keep her locked up and calm for a month in my garage to cure the heartworms. Plus keep all the boy dogs in the neighborhood away!!! In 30 days she has her spay and hip surgery. I then have to continue to keep her calm and locked up so she can heal properly. I have also agreed to be her FOSTER MOM until I find her a home. She cannot be put on any websites for adoption until she is fully vetted, shots, spayed, and heartworm free.

HIP SURGERY including x-rays $350.-$400

DONATIONS, yes I am asking you all for some help. Not a lot just whatever you can send. Believe me I really don't like to ask any of you for this but I can't do it all myself. If you cannot send anything, I am asking for your thoughts and prayers to help me get through this. Although I am receiving some assistance, for every dollar I can help out with is another dollar that can go towards another dog or cat in crisis. I promise I won't pick up another stray! This baby is just the sweetest most loving thing. She gets along great with kids and other animals, except my bulldog, he's just a jerk to EVERYTHING!!

If you can help Please send your donations to your choice:
Shannon Sweeney
525 Stone Ridge Road
Austin, AR 72007 I promise I won't pocket the money

High Hopes Vet Clinic
102 Rainbow Drive
Cabot, AR 72023

if you have PAYPAL www.paypal.com

Lexi and I THANK YOU so much for your time in reading this, your donation, and/or your thoughts and prayers.

Love to ALL!!


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