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Remington is a Rottweiler in need of double Entropia surgery.

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 26, 2008

CLICK HERE to pledge your donation for Remington’s surgery

Entropia is a condition where the eyelid turns in, scrapes the eye
causing an ulcer and infection. The surgery is $1,100 but if we can
only get enough for one eye, we will use it for the eye in risk of
losing sight.

Remington has had this condition his entire life but only in recent
months has it become an issue and of course, these things seem to
happen at the worst possible time financially. He has suffered in
silence for weeks while I try to find a way to make it all better.
Remington is a gentle dog and together we have changed many peoples
negative view of this loving breed. I work as a waitress so my living
has always depended on the generousity of strangers, so I know you are
out there and we thank you in advance.

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