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My Pet needs your Help for surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 26, 2008

CLICK HERE to pledge your donation to help Marley

week ago, my 6 year old American Bulldog, Marley, was diagnosed with an
ACL injury to his right leg that requires surgery. This same dog
underwent cancer surgery in the Fall of 2007 and did quite well. His
litter-mate/sister, Roxy, had 2 ACL surgeries that cost me a lot, but
they are part of my family and we didn’t hesitate to spend the money.

Depending on what the orthopedic surgeon decides, the surgery could
cost anywhere from $1500-$2500 for the standard ACL; $3,000-$3,400 for
the TPLO single plate; and approximately $3,400-$4,500 double plate
TPLO would cost. Due to his size and muscle mass, it is most likely he
will need the TPLO surgery.

Unfortunately, due to the previous surgeries for the illnesses and
injuries to Marley and Roxy, coupled with a recent divorce, finances
are tight. These dogs are our family and we will do anything for them.
We are hoping that pet lovers will understand our circumstance and help
us get the cash we need to repair his torn ACL, as his surgery is
tentatively scheduled for the end of March.

I set my goal at $500 because it would be a big help I would like
to raise more then that to cover the entire cost but any amount will be
a big help for Marley.

If you would like more information or are interested in helping,
feel free to contact me via email at HelpMarley@sc.rr.com. If the
donations received exceed the cost of the surgery, it will be donated
anonymously to the local animal shelter.

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