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Almost there! Only need a little more! Tess the Mastiff needs Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 26, 2008

CLICK HERE to pledge your donation for Tess’s care

$1370 out of $1400 has been raised so far!  We must reach 100% of the goal before the funds are released.  Please help reach that goal…It’s so close!

ARE IN NEED OF FINANCIAL HELP FOR TESS. Tess is a permanent foster of
Tiny Paws Wet Noses (a 501c rescue organization), living with the
wonderful family who rescued her.

Tess is a nine month old Old English Mastiff female. Tess is
missing her right front paw because the umbilical cord was wrapped
around it, resulting in the need to amputate the paw at six days old.
She was rescued before she could be taken to the shelter by her
breeder, who “didn’t want to spend any more money on her”. Tess has
amazed so many with her strong desire to do just about anything. She is
beautiful inside and out, and the most loving and happiest dog. Tess
has a way of charming her way into everyone’s heart. She plays
beautifully with dogs, from lying on the floor and gently playing with
a tiny dachshund, to rough- housing with the big dogs. She’s gentle and
sweet with every person she meets, from the tiniest infant on up. She
has successfully completed the Family Manners and Intermediate classes
at the Canine Connection Dog Training, where her foster “mom” is an
instructor, and is ready for her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog

About her surgery…

Tess first saw Dr Melvin Pond for an Orthopedic consult in August
in which several different options were discussed: amputation of the
leg, leaving things alone, and the possibility of a prosthetic implant.
As Tess grows larger every day (now over 100#), the strain on the rest
of her body (although not her attitude) has become obvious. Her stub
occasionally bleeds from walking or running too much and we try to
avoid pavement as much as we can.

Tess recently went back in to see Dr Pond and his staff to see
what they could suggest as the best option, due to the fact that she
has tripled in size since our last visit. Dr Pond and his staff were
pleasantly surprised to see good elbows and bones on her X-rays and her
strong will to make the best use of her shortened leg, so it has been
decided that Tess would be a great candidate for the implant. Plans are
currently in the works with the implant company and Dr Pond is working
out an estimate for her surgery.

1/25/07 update

Dr Pond and the implant company met this weekend the grand total
for the surgery is going to be between $6500.00- $7000.00 She will have
to be spayed before and will be getting up a cat-scan for her soon. We
have raised enough money for the CT scan ($650)plus, but nowhere close
to the surgery cost.

2/5/07 Update

Tess had her CT scan and charmed everyone at the vet’s office. She will be spayed 2/20.

2/22 Update-

Tess is recovering from her spay surgery. Thank you so much for
your continued donations past our original $1000 goal for this drive-
we’re still several thousand short of what we need for the surgery, but
very optimistic that wonderful people like you will continue to help.
We’ll update our goal amount to keep things going.

Contact jen@canineconnectiondogtraining.com if you’d prefer to
donate by check. All checks should be made payable to “The Tess Fund”

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