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Please help raise funds for Kitten Veterinary Surgery

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 19, 2008


CLICK HERE to pledge your donation to help this little one

$60 has been raised so far!

About a week ago i found a kitten in the parking lot of a middle school
by my house. She was up inside the engine of a truck. I saw her come
down and then i went over to see if i could pick her up. she was very
sweet and friendly and came right up to me. After i took her home i
discovered she had a limp so i took her to the humane society and put a
hold on her if the original owner didnt come forward to claim her
because shes super sweet and i wanted to keep her. So today i went back
to the shelter to pick her up and i took her straight to the vet for a
exam and x-rays for the leg. After the X-rays came back it turns out
she has a fracture on her right rear leg where the bone and the
ball-joint connect. we dont know for sure but she might have been hit
by a car or injured it somewhere along her journey. Its causing her a
lot of discomfort and i dont have the funds to pay for her surgery. The
vet quoted me at around 1100-1200 for surgery including a spay and all
the necessary things that go along witht he surgery.
I’ve managed to get some help from a couple people who help pay for
animals surgeries when the owner cannot come up with all the funds
needed but thats only about $200. I pretty much spent my last $200
today on x-rays and pain meds and antibiotics for her cold. So im
pretty much in a bind right now and it upsets me to see hurt animals.
especially cats.
I was wondering if anyone out there would like to help me by donating
any amount of money or have any ideas on what i could do. Anything
would help.

I know most of you would feel uncomfortable donating money to a
stranger on the internet thats why if you wouldnt be willing to do that
id set it up so you could put it straight through to the hospital where
i will be getting the surgery performed.
If anyone has questions please call me: 619-847-5598
My names Johnny

Most likely its gonna take place at:
The Pet Hospital of La Mesa
5336 Jackson Dr.
La Mesa, Ca 91942

Heres some pictures of the X-ray and the kitty herself

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