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Need Help with Sake’s Vet Bills – Dog with Heart Disease and Cancer

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 17, 2008

CLICK HERE to pledge your donation for Sake’s vet bills

a black and white Japanese Chin dog, was diagnosed in January 2007 at
the age of seven with heart disease -mitral valve degeneration- and
placed on medication. In July 2007 he was also diagnosed with canine
lymphosarcoma – an invasive cancer – in his GI tract. He underwent
surgery to remove two tumors and seven weeks of chemotherapy, at which
point the cancer entered apparent remission. In September, Sake’s heart
disease began to worsen and his medication was increased; but in
December he went into heart failure and had to be placed in an oxygen
tent for three days. Recently the medication began to impact his
kidneys as well and he went from 14 pounds to 10 pounds; one of his
owners, Elizabeth, gave him subcutaneous fluids for a week. It is now a
question of keeping Sake’s medications balanced and not sending him
into heart failure again, while praying the cancer stays in remission.
Through it all, Sake remains a gentle, playful, bouncy, loving
dog with a wag in his tail. He is always ready to flirt with a girl or
nuzzle up to a child. We can’t tell you what a special little guy he
is. He is still young for his breed and he deserves all the love and
care in the world.

Our collective medical bills (two of us are helping) on Sake’s
treatment total over $20,000 and we have never asked for help before.
His condition has stabilized, and we’d like to keep it that way and see
him jump and bark again- we’d also like to help his owners pay off
their bills. To those who know and love Sake, anything will help, $10,
$20 – just 33 people donating $30 would take us to our goal, although
we’d like to raise more- and to those who don’t- please imagine if it
were your puppy.

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