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In need of love and a home: very skinny tripod pup

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 17, 2008



Owner Turn-in.
Seems fairly young. Didn’t get along with owner’s other dog.
Friendly with me this morning. Already Neutered. About 40 lb. Small for
a Lab.

Dear God, somebody please get this poor, skinny, three legged young dog
out of this pound. Please. He is an owner turn in because the ‘owner’s’
other dog didn’t like him….please, you know that means he has little
to no time. I don’t know why this one has hit me so hard; maybe because
he is so skinny…or maybe I’m wondering how he lost his leg….or
maybe, because he looks like he’s never known joy, but still has a
little HOPE that he might someday. There is a transport toward Chicago
next weekend, and I’m sure we could find him transport in any other
direction if a rescue can help him, or if a good home could be found.
Even if you can foster for a while, just please, get him out of that

jandacci@roadrunner .com or
juliatat@yahoo. com  or

s.creasap@moreheads tate.edu or
Creed18443@aol. com

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