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I WISH for help with chemotherapy costs to save a dogs life

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 16, 2008

CLICK HERE to donate towards Grumpy’s vet care

For the past few months my daughter’s dog has been receiving
Chemotherapy for lymphoma. He is an amazing dog who in October was
given 3 months to live. With treatment that started Jan 2 he in now in
remission. He stands a really good chance to live only if we can keep
him in remission. As of right now that does not look like it is going
to happen. Our funds to treat him have run out. We had more money saved
for him but another dog that my daughter rescued got sick and passed
kennel cough through all our dogs. That meant taking 4 dogs into the
vet for treatment. Gumpy’s next treatment is next week and I just don’t
think I can find the money to pay for it. His treatments are $114.00
each. He has had 5 treatments so far. We have also paid for all the
tests and other care that he needed that have totaled close to $1000.00
already. Gumpy is only 5 years old and is finally seeing what life
without abuse and illness is all about. He is also teaching us the
meaning of fight to live.. Through all this he has also continued to do
doggie sports and my daughter and him are using his battle with cancer
to raise funds for the Chase Away K9 Cancer fund. I just hope that we
can find a hero(s) that can help him just one more time and he can
continue to fight for his life. If anyone also wants to make sure this
is real please message me and I can give you the vet’s information.

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