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Help my Squeeker smile again!!!

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on February 16, 2008

CLICK HERE to pledge your donation to Squeeker

this fundraiser is to help my cat Squeeker, aka Eurydice (because she
is so beloved by all who meet her) get her dental procedure so she can
eat, drink, and meow again. She has a fractured tooth that scratches
her tongue so she can’t even clean herself now. The total procedure is
$250 and I have $100 from my savings to get her appointed in for this
Friday the 15th of February. The vet will give me 2 weeks to pay the
remainder because I have taken her there for 5 years. I lost my job of
10 years last year as they moved abroad to save money, and had to enter
a debt counseling program which froze all my credit cards. I took a job
making $5,000 less that is 30 miles from my home to make ends meet, and
it has eaten away all I had to keep things going. I would do anything
to help her, even resort to swallowing my pride and asking for help
from complete strangers. Please, if you can help me and Squeeker, I
would surely appreciate it!

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