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Atlanta GA: Dori the crossed eye kitty with emotional problems needs home FAST

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 26, 2007
If you can open your heart and home to Dori, Please contact  Barbara at: (631) 261-4321  or blowe@optonline.net 

Little bio on Dori. Came to me via the Washington shelter (she helped NEGAS when they got over run with cats) she came with 4 kittens who were not hers and was a bag of bones. When I saw her at the shelter, I told them that I would be back for her, the crossed eyes are great! She raised the kittens, and is now spayed and hanging here. She does not seem to understand that her tail is hers and that is why it is always following her. She attacks it viciously and fights with it most of the night. It is looking pretty ratty at the moment. Her coat and weight look good, she is still a little skittish, I just do not think she can focus and can not see that there is only one of you coming to pet her. I am not sure what to do with her at this point, and need someone who has the time, resources, and money to figure out what is best for her. She is a doll.


Dori loves people but hates her tail. thinks it’s something evil on this earth to torment her.
chases it if she notices it following her.
she is fully vetted.

The cats are located in the Atlanta metro area. They are inundated down there with cats and kittens and any “unadoptables” don’t have much chance – so I know she’s desperate to place any she can.

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