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Meriden, CT: kitty deliberately burned in face by acid now needs foster or forever home

Posted in Pets In Need by handipets on July 15, 2007
Swain Please Help!

Meriden Humane Society
Meriden, CT
(203) 238-3650
Domestic Short Hair-black Mix

Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
It was late one evening when our local animal control office got a call about an injured cat. Upon response they found a very disturbing site. There lay a cat, appearing to be in shock from pain. One eye was swollen to nearly twice its normal size and was covered by a black what appeared to be scab, and the surrounding tissue area of the eye was red and inflamed. With care and caution the removed the cat from the property and rushed him to the vet.
What was found after his vet visit is enough to break the strongest of hearts. He started to become more conscious as they arrived at the vet and then came the horrific moans and wails, the same noises that brought attention to him originally when found out in a residents back yard. They were bone chilling and you could almost feel the pain he was projecting in his voice. The vet quickly sedated the cat to put him at ease and make examination easier and pain free.
The vet examined the eye, they removed the black mass over where the eye was. This is when they found how badly damaged the eye was and had no choice but to remove it. The cause for this horrific damage, the vet said it appeared that a very acidic substance was poured over the cats face, leaving it to literally burn the eye and damage tissue around the eye. What makes this worse is that it is almost impossible for this to be an accident, because of the location of the burn and the severity of the injuring they are almost certain that this was a deliberate act of cruelty.
Poor Swain he was already neutered, he might have been someone’s outdoor cat, or may have been simply let loose when his owners no longer wanted him or could no longer care for him. Not only was he subject to now care for himself but he was subject to the cruel heartless people who thought subjecting an Innocent cat to such mercifulness pain and suffering was acceptable.
Its been a long recovery for Swain but he has healed since the surgery and is learning to trust people again. He needs a calm home that will give him time to adjust, he does like to be held and sit in your lap but only once he knows you, he can still be very sensitive about people touching his face and head but with time and love this is an obstacle he will surly conquer!
To all cat owners out there please take note. Swain did not ask for this, he did not ask to be let outside, whether he was abandoned, lost, or just an outdoor cat. Swain did not ask for the pain he had to deal with or the other cruel aspects of the outdoor world like cars, wild animals, dogs, lack of food and cruel heartless humans. All Swain wanted was a home the loved him, cared about his well being and looked out for home. Please don’t let your domesticated cat outside, the world can be very cruel in too many aspects, please keep your cats inside and help prevent the suffering of other Innocent creatures.
This pet is up to date with routine shots.
This pet is already house trained.
This pet has been altered.

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